One Family… Three Parties

Father is in TRS and also Rajya Sabha MP. But he lost touch with the party and the younger son is a BJP MP while the elder one who was with TRS until the other day, confirmed going back to Congress. All the three belong to Dharmapuri family and they are D Srinivas, MP Aravind and the last is former Nizamabad Mayor D Sanjay.

On Tuesday D Sanjay met Revanth Reddy and informed that he would re-join Congress. After meeting Revanth, Sanjay spoke to the media and said, “I did not inform my father about my meeting with Revanth and also going back to Congress. Moreover my father’s tenure as MP is coming to an end and so I lost my patience too.”

When asked about joining TRS, Sanjay replied that he blindly followed his father then. “I know when KCR was putting the ‘Kanduva’ on my neck that it’s not any piece of cloth but it was an axe,” said Sanjay.

On his brother Aravind’s association with BJP, Sanjay said even if my brother invites me to join BJP, he would not go anywhere else.

But once D Srinivas tenure comes to end as Upper house MP, he too will quit the TRS and it would be interesting to see where he will head. BJP and Congress are the only options for him but we may not be surprised if he joins YS Sharmila.