KCR.. You Have Just 730 Days: Revanth Reddy

On the rising fuel prices, Telangana Congress party called for a ‘Chalo Raj Bhavan’ led by PCC chief Revanth Reddy. Instead of targeting the Centre which controls the petrol and diesel prices, Revanth lashed out at Telangana CM KCR for detaining the Congress activists and restricting them from taking part in the protest.

“KCR is of the opinion that he would stay in Pragathi Bhavan longer than expected. On the contrary KCR has just 730 days and after that not even an hour he would stay in Pragathi Bhavan. Congress Karyakarthas will dismantle every brick of Pragathi Bhavan and throw KCR out of it,” said Revanth.

“I have information that a few relatives of KCR are surrendering their Indian passports and taking other countries passports so that they can escape from the country easily. Even KCR and his Ustaad will be doing the same after two years. Wherever KCR hides, we shall get him back,” said Revanth.

The PCC chief criticised the police department too. “A few police officials are acting at the behest of CM KCR and IG Prabhakar Rao is one of them. Phones of Congress cadres are being tapped by the police and they are getting to know our plans in advance,” alleged Revanth.

Exuding confidence that T-Congress will win the next Assembly polls, Revanth said Sonia’s rule is going to come in Telangana and people will be relieved from fuel prices while farmers will be supported in all sorts.