‘YSRTP Is An NGO, Not Political Party’

T-PCC chief Revanth Reddy hit back at YS Sharmila who criticised the Telangana Congress and Revanth during the launch of her party YSRTP. Sharmila mocked that T-Congress has no leaders and so they borrowed a leader from TDP and made him T-PCC.

Reacting to Sharmila’s comment, Revanth said YSRTP is not a political party, it is an NGO. “I bother least about Sharmila’s comments. If any politician or party makes any comment on me then I would react and so I’m not at all interested in countering Sharmila,” said Revanth.

Advising the media, Revanth urged the journalists not to highlight Sharmila’s remarks or statements on news channels or newspapers. “I would be better for Telangana if we don’t take her seriously,” added the PCC chief.

Further Revanth said, “She has some issues with her brother YS Jagan and so she is displaying her anguish here in Telangana and our people. What’s wrong with her?”