Kokapeta Land Sale: Revanth Reddy House Arrested!

Last week Telangana PCC chief Revanth Reddy alleged that the TRS government indulged in a huge scam in the auction of Kokapeta lands worth thousands of crore Rupees. Accordingly Revanth Reddy called for a protest and also planned to visit the site on Monday.

Sensing something fishy, the TRS government has deployed police. On the wee hours of Monday, police reached Revanth’s residence in Jubilee Hills and house arrested him. All the roads leading to Revanth’s home are being thoroughly checked and no authorised or locals are being allowed by the cops.

Like the ‘Chalo Pragathi Bhavan’ Revanth Reddy might escape from the cops house arrest anytime and visit the Kokapeta site. The government deployed police at the location too.

On Revanth’s house arrest, Mallu Ravi reacted and added that this outrageous act of TRS government. “KCR government fears that we might raise the land scam in Parliament and so are arresting our leaders. We shall continue to expose such scams of TRS government no matter what,” said Ravi.

On the other hand former deputy CM Damodar Rajanarasimha, PCC working president Jagga Reddy and other Congress leaders are also set to reach the Kokapeta and tour the lands that were auctioned by the government. The police are in thoughts to restrict or detain these Congressmen too.