#ThankYouModiJIChallenge: A Satirical Protest Against Petrol Prices

In an unprecedented and sarcastic protest, the vexed up netizens commenced the #ThankYouModiJiChallenge after the consistent petrol price hike in the country. This challenge went all popular on Twitter first.

It shows netizens posing in front of hoardings with Modi’s pictures and posting pictures outside petrol pumps while doing a prominent namaste. Along with their satirical captions, the users also added the trending hashtag #ThankYouModiJiChallenge.

The petrol price in India was increased by 30 paise, while diesel was kept unchanged. In Mumbai, petrol prices crossed the Rs 100-mark for the first time ever on May 29 and on Sunday, it was at Rs 107.83 per litre.

Diesel price in the city is also at Rs 97.45, the highest among the metros. Petrol prices in all metros have now crossed Rs 100 per litre mark. In Telangana, the petrol price rose to 105/per litre. The challenge started citing the ban on criticizing the government. Ergo, people have found a unique way to express their woes against the rising fuel prices.

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