Feels Disgusting To Call Akhila Priya as ‘Akka’

The war of words between Bhuma Akhila Priya and Bhuma family friend, former aide of Bhuma Nagi Reddy AV Subba Reddy have intensified over the past few days. With AV Subba Reddy alleged Buma Akhila Priya and her husband Bhargav Ram behind the attempted murder attack on him and accused them of paying Rs 50 lakh supari to hired killers, Bhuma Akhila Priya gave strong counter to Subba Reddy.

Responding to former Tourism minister and ex MLA Akhila Priya, AV Subba Reddy and his daughter AV Jaswanthi shot back. AV Jaswanthi said she feels disgusting to call Akhila Priya as ‘Akka’ and went onto state that Akhila Priya has got criminal mind. Jaswanthi said she herself and her father AV Subba Reddy were initially shocked when they learnt that Akhila Priya was behind attack on Subba Reddy’s life.

Jaswanthi said she can’t imagine her life without her father Subba Reddy and said Akhila Priya knows how the life of a girl without a father and alleged that still Akhila Priya planned murder of her uncle AV Subba Reddy.

Meanwhile, Jaswanthi said she and her father would certainly do politics in Allagadda and said who is Akhila Priya to welcome or stop them. Jaswanthi went onto state that Akhila Priya doesn’t know the hardship of becoming a Minister as she got the post without much hard work. AV Jaswanthi said her father AV Subba Reddy and Bhuma couple Nagi Reddy and Shoba Rani’s 30 years of work to people had made Akhila Priya a MLA and minister then.

Meanwhile, TDP leader AV Subba Reddy has demanded that Bhuma Akhila Priya should be removed from constituency in-charge post. Subba Reddy said he is okay if the post is given to any other people from Bhuma family except Akhila Priya as she is resorting to “assassination politics” (Hathya Rajakeeyalu).

Kurnool police have intensified the investigation into attack on AV Subba Reddy. They have taken Bhargav Ram’s personal assistant Srinivasulu into custody on May 12th. Based on Srinivasulu’s statement, notices have been served to Bhargav Ram. So far, 4 members have been arrested in connection with the attack on AV Subba Reddy’s life.

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