This is KCR’s ‘MEGHA’ Governance: Sharmila

YSRTP chief YS Sharmila is leaving no opportunity to counter the TRS government. Freshly Sharmila criticised KCR led Telangana government on the Kaleshwaram project but it has a twist.

Sharmila tweeted the newspaper clipping which had details of Kaleshwaram project’s budget estimates. In the recent Telangana cabinet meeting, the government discussed the Kaleshwaram project and the cabinet has approved budget estimation by another Rs 3548 crore.

Quoting this, Sharmila added the TRS government doesn’t have money to pay salaries for employees, reimburse fees for students, farm loan waiver and for welfare schemes, the government is in a position to sell the lands worth Rupees thousands of crore. But the budget estimates of the Kaleshwaram project keeps going upwards.

Then Sharmila poked her comment at Megha Construction which is the prime contractor of Kaleshwaram project. “While KCR doesn’t have money for welfare works, they borrow money from banks and pay to ‘MEGHA’ projects. This is KCR’s mark of ‘MEGHA’ governance,” added Sharmila.

On every issue Sharmila is attacking the TRS government with satirical comments and is managing to get some attention.

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