Babu Proposes Ratan Tata As Next President

Mega brother Naga Babu is a highly vocal person and he openly expresses his opinion on many issues without hesitation. Sometimes it invites criticism but Naga Babu never bothered about it. Now the Mega brother has come up with a really strange proposal and it’s regarding the next President of India.

Apparently Naga Babu wanted India’s business tycoon Ratan Tata as the next President of India. Tweeting the same, Naga Babu wrote, “With D Nation facing unprecedented Labyrinth’s day after day. Der is a need 4 “The President” who not only can strategise & implement, but also has a big heart & see whole nation as one Big Family! I propose @RNTata2000 ji as the next President of India.”

Naga Babu also kind of started this hashtag #RatanTataforPresident for more people to join his voice. But the Mega brother should get to know certain facts that India is not a President Rule nation and moreover there is often rumour that the President of India is just a spectator and has whatsoever no role in deciding the policies that the government brings up.

Current President Ramnath Kovind has one year of office in Rashtrapathi Bhavan and BJP has a lot of time to think of the next President. The usual trend is never a President receives a second term and so Ramnath Kovind will definitely leave the Rashtrapathi Bhavan in July 2022.

Btw we have to see how Ratan Tata reacts to this proposal. The business tycoon keeps politics at bay but this offer is tempting. Isn’t it ?

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