Undavalli’s Analysis On Jagan, Pawan & Naidu

Veteran Congress leader and former MP, Undavalli Arun Kumar is a man who speaks his mind. He is a great orator and a celebrated politician. He has been not very active in politics in the recent past. He came to the media after a long time and revealed his opinions about the current political scenario in Andhra Pradesh. Here are the excerpts of it:

  • It is not right to arrest TDP leaders. What Jagan’s government is failing to understand is that they are indirectly making TDP leaders heroes by arresting them. Undavalli opined that people have sympathy over arrested leaders. He stated that Jagan wouldn’t have become the CM if he was not arrested in the past.
  • Undavalli opined that YCP cannot arrest Chandra Babu Naidu as there is no strong case against him. If they manage to lock him up in the ‘Vote for Note’ case, it may indirectly help him in winning the next elections due to the sympathy over his arrest.
  • If Jagan manages to continue the free schemes for the next two years, he will win the polls for sure. Many experts opined that money should be transferred into people’s accounts to come out of the COVID-19 crisis. This money will come back to the market from people. In this rotation method, GDP will be balanced.
  • Jagan’s reputation has been increased due to Nava Ratna schemes. Every beneficiary has got money in their accounts. But it has to be seen if they get the money every year or not. Jagan said that they have transferred several lakh crores in people’s accounts. If that is the case, How will they manage to generate so much money every year? Already, the state is in a severe financial crisis.
  • Salaries are being distributed late in AP. It has to be seen how the government manages to generate a budget for the wages. Already, both the state and the centre are in a severe economic crisis.
  • The main competition in AP will be between YCP and TDP. Jana Sena’s future cannot be predicted now. Every other politician would have quit politics after witnessing the failure in the last elections. But Pawan didn’t do that. He stayed back and is actively working among the public. That is appreciable.
  • I never expected Pawan to be such strong in politics. Irrespective of the results, he is staying in public and being active in politics. He also stated that he will do films only to earn money. Even if he is partnered with the BJP, people will only see Pawan’s face, not anyone else. Pawan’s confidence is a great quality in politics.
  • The water disputes between the Telugu states is an important and never-ending saga. The scarcity of water is more in Rayalaseema than in Telangana. We cannot take any state’s stand on this issue. Leaders speak what attracts the people. We cannot go by their words.
  • Though the Chief Ministers of both the Telugu states maintain a good relationship, the disputes between the regions are yet to be cleared. No one is talking about the assets that need to be bifurcated. KCR speaks in a balanced way, which makes him a good politician. AP lacks such a leader.
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