Who Gave You Right To Lease TTD Kalyan Mandaps?

Raghurama Krishna Raju, the harshest critic of the YSRCP government, is at it again. Raju has hit out at the ruling government over leasing out of TTD’s Kalyana Mandaps. Alleging that the AP state government’s decision is hurting the sentiments of Lord Balaji’s devotees, Raju found fault with the Jagan’s administration for not consulting the donors before taking such a crucial step. Raghurama Krishna Raju fired, “Who gave the right to AP government to lease out the TTD Kalyana Mandaps which are built on the lands donated by the devotees voluntarily? How can the government lease the Kalyana Mandapas without even consulting with the concerned parties.”

“Who gave the right to Subba Reddy, Jawahar Reddy and Dharma Reddy?,” Raju asked the TTD board in a media interaction he held in New Delhi on Tuesday. He asked, “What if people from other communities participate in the lease auction and conduct their own release practices? What if any Christian unofficially participates and wins the lease auction and later conducts Suvartha Sabha in TTD Kalyana Mandaps? Who will stop these acts?”

Raju shot back at the TTD for donating Rs 50 Crore funds towards AP state government. “You can’t even maintain the TTD Kalyana Mandapams in Chittoor district, let alone in the other districts. You cite lack of the funds as the reason. Then how did you donate Rs 50 Crore to the state government?”

Raju further criticised and pointed out at the TTD’s recent controversial decision of ‘Pay For Food’ which was revoked after garnering severe backlash. He also threw satire on the long list of TTD board. “Already the list of TTD board members has crossed 50. The list may increase further if Jagan wants to include more.”

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