Amid Financial Distress, Jagan Appoints Ex SBI Chief As Advisor

The government of Andhra Pradesh is facing stern backlash from the central government, owing to its financial mismanagement. The debts and the overdrafts are coming back to haunt the Jagan-led government.

In a bid to set things straight, the chief minister YS Jagan has appointed former SBI chief Rajnish Kumar as the government’s economic advisor.

Rajnish Kumar was given cabinet rank position by Andhra Pradesh government and his tenure is for two years.

Rajnish has a really tough task at hand as the government of Andhra Pradesh is running on negative budget and he will have to spring to action at the earliest to sort out the financial distress.

Rajnish Kumar took charge as SBI chairman back in 2017 and his tenure ended on 6 October 2020. He will be an integral member of Andhra Pradesh economic planning board henceforth.

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