Why Covid Restrictions Only For Vinayaka Chavithi?: Pawan

Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan has launched an all-round attack on AP CM YS Jagan and his government in the state. After calling for protests against the unemployment and poor roads in the state, Pawan Kalya has veered his attention towards the Vinayaka Chavithi celebrations which has become a hot topic since AP state government imposed Covid-19 restrictions.

In a blistering attack, Pawan asked Jagan whether Covid-19 restrictions are only applicable for Ganesh Chathurthi Navratri festivities and not applicable for the ‘birthday celebrations’ of YSRCP leaders.

Cornering the state government on the bad roads in the state, Pawan threw satires at the state government boasting about the development of the airports. Stating that the airports development comes under the Airport Authority of India and the majority airports in the country are developed by the private companies, he asked what is the role of the state government in the development of ports and airports that are largely privatised. He instead asked the state government to focus on the poor roads in the state. He said the state government deserves credit for turning roads into canals in the state.

“Sontha Illu Chimmukodaniki Cheepura Ledu Kani, Pakkinti Illu Chimmesthamu, Kallapu Challesthamu, Muthyala Muggulesestham Ani Yenakintiki Evado Annadantha, Ala Vundi Paristhithi,” ridiculed Pawan over Jagan government’s comments on airports vs bad roads in the state.

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