CBI Supporting Jagan Evade Punishment: RRR

Following back-to-back cancellation of his petitions in the CBI and Telangana high court, Narasapuram MP Kanumuri Raghu Ramakrishnam Raju wondered if people’s doubts over the sanctity of CBI court were true.

He said that the CBI officials were being supportive to Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan and exempting him from appearing personally in the court every week even while Jagan was accused in more than 10 money laundering cases. He also expressed surprise over why the CBI court was accepting inordinate delay by Jagan’s advocates in filing the discharge petition.

The MP said that there was 63% in crime rate in the state but ironically, the state police bagged Skoch awards for their best performance.

Andhra Loyola College

On the state government’s plan to take over the Andhra Loyola College in Guntur, RRR said that it was a bad idea. He expressed doubts over how could the government run the college by reducing the fee. Then how can the government pay the faculty members, he asked.

The YCP rebel MP lamented that the government was unnecessarily making the aided college a ‘dead’ college by planning such a move.

Former principal of the same college Father Emmanuel also lambasted Jagan Mohan Reddy for lacking intelligence and turning into an arrogant person focused only on quenching his vengeance. “You might be having some disputes with private educational institutions and in a bid to settle scores with them, trying to destroy the government institutions. Do you think that government assets and properties are your personal property and that you can sell them as you wish,” he fumed.

He also said that none of his schemes for the welfare of students like Amma Vodi or Naanna Deevena were really working. “You do not know the value of education because you are not educated. If you destroy the educational system, the entire set up will collapse,” he warned.

It would be better if you can resign and save Andhra Pradesh. There are many people trying to just pull you down from the chair or kill you unable to bear the torture by the government. You are only interested in destroying the Narayana Group but you cannot as they have already made money by running colleges, he said.

He suggested that Jagan should learn from his father Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy.

Making a mention of Father Emmanuel’s distress, the MP urged the YCP leaders not to file any suo moto cases against him as he was really expressing his anguish.

The government also revealed plans to take over the reputed VR College in Nellore, which is also being opposed.

Online sale of movie tickets

Speaking about the online sale of movie tickets, the MP wondered if Megastar Chiranjeevi and other biggies in Tollywood themselves made the suggestion that the government should take over the task of looking into the sale.

He expressed doubts about how transparent the whole issue could be in the wake of the fake challan case wherein a sub-registrar could hoodwink the government and pocket the money even when the entire registration process had been made online. “Is there any guarantee that no irregularity would occur in the sale of movie tickets online,” he asked.

The film industry in Andhra Pradesh is worth nothing more than Rs 500-Rs 600 crore and the government wants to make it online but the government toddy shops which do a business of whopping Rs 60,000 crore do not accept credit/debit cards. In the government toddy shops run by Jagan government, only cash is accepted, he pointed out.

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