Congress trolls KTR for getting vaccinated at home

Telangana IT minister KTR was vaccinated with the second dose of Covid-19 vaccine on Friday. Sharing this update, KTR posted a couple of pictures on his social media handles and added “Second Jab Done.”

This update from KTR received mixed response. Below the post many commented that how come a minister gets vaccinated at his home whereas a common man is standing in long queues before hospitals and clinics for their turn to receive the vaccine shot.

The Telangana Congress joined the chorus and trolled KTR. “While at one end people are struggling to get a single dose of Covid-19, here our minister is getting vaccinated at his home at his leisure,” tweeted the official handle of Telangana Congress (INC).

Further, the INC handle questioned like how the minister received vaccine at home, why can’t the government initiate vaccination for all at their door steps?

They summed up their post by talking about rules. “It’s clear that rules are different for a minister and people,” wrote the INC handle.

KTR has his own social media army to counter who troll him and they would definitely retaliate and we have to see what explanation KTR has to offer to receive the vaccine at home.