Ready for drug analysis test: KTR

Ever since Tollywood’s drug scandal hit the headlines, the oppositions have been alleging that TRS Working President KTR has a hand in it. T-PCC chief Revanth Reddy on numerous occasions indirectly commented so, for KTR’s closeness with Tollywood celebrities. And on Friday at Gajwel, Revanth went on to make controversial comments against KCR and KTR.

Revanth called KCR as the brand ambassador for drunkards and KTR as brand ambassador for drugs. Reacting to these comments KTR fumed. “Why am I being pushed into drug scandal? What association do I have with it?” questioned KTR during the media chit-chat. KTR went on to add that he is ready for the drug analysis test and dared whether Rahul Gandhi is up for it.

On the Telangana Liberation Day, KTR reacted too. “Delhi politicians are doing silly politics here. They are trying to paint the history with religious colour but they have no clue what people of Telangana want. June 2nd is the Telangana Liberation and Formation Day,” said KTR.

The TRS leader also made indirect comments on RS Praveen Kumar and YS Sharmila. “The new parties in Telangana are only meant for dividing the votes of TRS party while National parties are indirectly backing them. The same Praveen Kumar has complemented CM KCR in the past but now he has gone silent on sanction of new Navodaya schools to Telangana,” remarked KTR.

Warning the oppositions especially BJP and Congress leaders, KTR said that the TRS government would file sedition cases against those leaders who provide misinformation on Telangana’s progress and development hereafter.

Lastly KTR added that the TRS party will not keep itself reserved from now and would counter ten times harder than the opposition’s criticism.

Those are some strong words from KTR and he did speak on many issues. Looks like the Telangana politics are going to witness a peak of heat in the coming days.