Jagananna kosam Balapur Laddu

The Balapur Laddu needs no introduction. Every year during the Ganesh festival, this Laddu auction fetches Lakhs of Rupees and this year’s Laddu was sold for Rs 18.90 Lakh which is Rs 1.30 lakh more than the previous auction held in 2019 (2020 Laddu auction wasn’t held due to Covid-19).

YSR Congress MLC RV Ramesh Yadav and Marri Shashank Reddy of Abakar Overseas Education have bagged the Balapur Laddu for the above mentioned record price. After winning the auction, Ramesh Yadav and Shashank Reddy presented the Balapur Laddu to AP CM YS Jagan.

“I did plan to gift Balapur Laddu to CM Jagan after the 2019 elections victory but I could not compete in the auction then. Yet, I was not deterred and wanted to win the auction of Balapur Laddu and present it to our leader Jagan (Jaganna Kosam Balapur Laddu),” sadi Ramesh Yadav.

The Kadapa MLC added that this is a token of gratitude to CM Jagan. “I’m the first MLC from Yadav community and from Kadapa district. It has been an honour for me and it was only possible with the blessings of CM Jagan. I’m thankful to Jagan for all the support,” added Ramesh Yadav.

This year’s Balapur Laddu weighs around 21 kilograms and was packed in a two kilogram pure silver bowl covered with golden foil.

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