Didi’s Trinamool Congress Set To Enter Telangana

Post the West Bengal Assembly elections, Mamata Banerjee vowed to become the alternative for the BJP in the country. Political observers were apprehensive about Mamata’s statements and opined that though it is an ambitious task it’s not impossible.

Recently Mamata led Trinamool Congress made roads to Assam, Goa and Meghalaya states. Now TMC is all set to enter Telangana. Senior leaders of TMC and most trusted people of Mamata landed in Hyderabad and have reportedly held talks with former MLAs and MPs in the last few days.

Mamata along with TMC senior leaders have done enough ground work on Telangana politics and have come to a conclusion that entering this new state is not a big task. Having said that a team assigned by Mamata reached Hyderabad and then approached inactive politicians of Khammam, Nalgonda and Rangareddy districts

One of them was a prominent leader who resigned to Congress a while back and currently has no association with any political party in Telangana. But this leader leaves no stone unturned when he gets an opportunity to criticise the TRS government.

The TMC delegation reportedly promised the ex MPs and MLAs that if they join the party and contest on TMC ticket, the party will take complete care of election expenses. However, the response from ex MPs and MLAs was not that encouraging and they did not give any word to the TMC delegation. But they reportedly informed that they would keep the options open and take a call based on the political equations in the state during the elections.

If TMC seriously enters Telangana, then we would witness a huge split of votes. Recently two political parties have stormed the state and they are Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) and YS Sharmila led YSRTP.

Former IPS officer RS Praveen Kumar took VRS and joined BSP. He is posing a huge threat to TRS than any other political party because Telangana has over 65 Lakh Dalit votes and their vote bank turns crucial.

Sharmila is banking heavily on her father YSR’s glory but currently YSR followers are less influential and are sceptical to support Sharmila. Also people of Telangana have no great opinion on Sharmila because of her choice over AP.

All in all, the 2023 Assembly elections in Telangana will see many political parties competing but who will gain from this?

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