This Is The Worst Situation Of AP Since 1956: Undavalli


Former MP Undavalli Arun Kumar commented that the current situation of Andhra Pradesh is worse since 1956. Undavalli called the press meet to talk about the Polavaram project but the topic diverted to AP’s financial status.

“Since 1956, AP has never witnessed such a crisis. I wonder what are the IAS, IRS and economic experts are doing despite knowing the facts of AP’s situation. Apart from bureaucrats, the Jagan government appointed nearly 200 to 250 advisors and what’s really happening?,” questioned Undavalli.

The ex-MP also raked up the issues of government orders not being published on the official site. “I think it’s almost been a month that the YCP government has stopped uploading the G.O.s which means there is absolutely no transparency. The moment a government decides to hide all the info, the downfall of it has started,” said Undavalli.

On the debts that the Jagan government borrowed, Undavalli read out a few details. “Through corporations, the AP government has so far borrowed Rs 1.21 Lakh crore and about Rs 71,760 crore were borrowed in the last two years. Besides this, the state government lent an extra Rs 20,000 crore taking the consent of the union government,” added Undavalli.

On the state’s FRMB limit which was raised by 5 percent on GDP by the government of India due to the pandemic effect, Undavalli said that additional Rs 3.5 Lakh crore debts were made. When the YSRCP formed the government, the outstanding debts were Rs 90,000 crore and total debts tune up to Rs 6 Lakh crore.

All these debts were made with certain terms and conditions imposed by the government of India and Undavalli said that the Jagan government bowed before the Centre. “Recently the GoI proposed a ‘One Nation One Ration Card.’ If this is brought to implementation, sixty percent of beneficiaries from AP will be wiped out. Also the GoI has come up with Municipal tax and it would decide the percentage and in return, it (GoI) would pay half percent of a state’s GDP. Lastly the GoI wanted metres to be assembled for free power schemes. Many states including BJP ruled have disagreed with these conditions. Telangana CM KCR criticised the Modi government on these three proposals while Jagan government accepted them,” said Undavalli.

The interest on these debts is seven percent and the state government has to clear all the debts without fail. “But the YCP government seems to be not bothered. It is in their opinion to do whatever they want till they are in government and the bureaucrats and advisors are absolutely playing no role in containing the state government. If that’s the case, the state government has to sell its assets to clear the loans which would send it into a deep financial crisis. Does the state government have any foresight for the future or is it thinking of gambling the whole financial status.

Undavalli did not spare Sakshi media which has been the mouthpiece of YCP government. “When Pandora papers made headlines, Chandrababu commented that Jagan’s name might also have been included in the list. When this news was published in the so-called yellow media, Jagan’s advisors and others condemned Naidu’s statements. But when the same media reported about AP’s debts, no one from the government issued a clarification which means these facts,” said Undavalli.

On AP’s debts, Undavalli consulted experts from New Delhi and cross-checked every detail. “I was doing my research for the last 15 days and these debts turned out to be true,” added Undavalli.

That’s it there is nothing to add, AP is in deep financial crisis and CM Jagan led YCP government has to act immediately.

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