Pic Talk: BJP MLA Raja Singh performs Ayudha Pooja

BJP MLA Raja Singh is always a centre of controversies and whatever he does attracts many eyes. On the occasion of Vijaya Dashami, Raja Singh performed Ayudha Pooja and he posted pictures of the ritual on his social media handles.

“May there be victory of religion, destruction of unrighteousness, harmony among living beings, welfare of the world. Long live Mother India,” tweeted Raja Singh. One of the pictures had Raja Singh applying sindoor to a sword and there are guns too.

Surprisingly people in safari and police uniform were also spotted in these pictures and in no time they have gone viral.

Raja Singh’s arch-rivals, MIM party and its sympathisers found the pictures threatening. A couple of MIM followers brought these pictures to the notice of Hyderabad Police and demanded an action.

Reacting to these pictures, the Hyderabad police summoned the concerned police station to do an enquiry and make a report. “Sir we have informed it to our higher officials necessary action will be taken. Thank you for contacting us on our Social Media Unit twitter,” tweeted Mangalhat police station handle.

Not just Raja Singh, even the cops in the pictures might get into trouble.