CM Jagan’s First Comment On Attacks On TDP Offices

AP CM YS Jagan has reacted to the attack on TDP office and blamed the main opposition for the whole episode. CM Jagan launched ‘Jaganna Thodu’ scheme and taking this opportunity, he counter attacked TDP.

“Our government is committed to the welfare of the poor, yet we are being attacked. When I was in opposition, I never used such abusive language. Unable to digest our government’s welfare for the poor, opposition leaders are using filthy language against us,” said Jagan.

“Along with the opposition, a section of yellow media like Eenadu, Andhra Jyothy and TV5 spread false campaigns against my government,” added Jagan.

Indirectly backing the attack on TDP office, Jagan said, “People who admire my party and me, get offended when such abusive language is used and so naturally they react. This will eventually create a law and order imbalance.”

“TDP is good at managing the system and so they will make sure no good happens to the poor. If welfare schemes reach the public, Jagan’s reputation would go up and TDP can’t handle this. So they approach the court and get a stay and restrict us from doing good for the people,” added Jagan.

However Jagan forgot his comments against Chandrababu during the Nandyal by-election. Jagan openly called for a shoot-out of Chandrababu while campaigning and till date he did not take back his comments.

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