Need A change In Chandrababu: Paritala Sunitha

Former minister Paritala Sunitha opined that their party chief Chandrababu should change his political strategies depending on the political situation in the state. “A change is the need of the hour in Chandrababu’s thought process. He is extremely patient and he always restrains us from getting aggressive,” said Sunitha.

Recalling the brutal murder of her husband Paritala Ravindra, Sunitha said, “It’s only upon the advice of Chandrababu, me and my people remained silent post the cruel murder of my husband. We kept our calm all these years and we will continue to follow Chandrababu’s instructions.”

But Sunitha added that they are running out of patience. “If we had used police like Jagan, no goon of YCP would have been alive today. For sure TDP will form the next government and if Chandrababu leaves us for an hour, we shall show our stamina. ‘Maalo Pravahinchedi Seema Rakthame,’” said Sunitha.

Sending out a warning to Vallabhaneni Vamsi and Kodali Nani for fouling mouth Lokesh and TDP, Sunitha added we can reply them in their language and if they continue to do so, we shall not allow them to roam freely in the state.

Sunitha was never this aggressive and her strong statements say she is still a force among Paritala followers.

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