Telugu CMs Are The Gang Of Looters: Narayana

CPI leader Narayana likened Jagan’s governance to ‘devil’s rule’ and fumed at the ruling party leaders for attacking party offices, opposition leaders’ houses and registering cases against those attacked.

The chief ministers of both Telugu states colluded with the political powers at the Centre and formed into a gang of looters, he lamented.

The YCP goons attacked TDP offices across the state claiming that the TDP leaders abused them and used unparliamentary language against them. The fact finding committee will find out which party leaders hurled how many abuses against the other party men. It is not good to abusive language be it by the TDP or the YCP, he said.

“Attacking offices of the political parties and political leaders’ houses is not good. Will you remain in power forever? When you sit on the opposition benches, then what will happen to you? Just think of it,” he suggested and said that there would be no problem exchanging abuses but the tradition of attacking offices and houses should end.

“After attacking the party offices and leaders’ houses, then TDP leader Pattabhi was sent to Rajahmundry jail. Later, he was released but again the police began chasing him. Jagan’s administration is akin to ‘devil’s rule’, Narayana opined.

Now, the TDP would go to the Centre probably to ask for promulgation of Article 356 in Andhra Pradesh, he predicted.

On separate statehood accorded to Telangana, the CPI leader said that they all believed that bifurcation would do good to it but never thought that such a “trashtudu” will become the CM and make matters worse, the CPI leader said.

“Unable to witness the cheap politics being played by the ruling party ahead of the Huzurabad bypoll, the CPI is staying away from the elections,” he said.

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