How Jagan May Beat Anti-Incumbency?

No doubt, AP CM YS Jaganmohan Reddy is facing the worst anti-incumbency ever in just 2.5 years of his tenure. Even Jagan and his top brass are aware of the severe criticism against their government and the negativity in business circles.

But Jagan knows the pulse of masses who are his backbone who voted him and his party to power by giving a stupendous victory. Jagan doesn’t want to mess up with the public schemes which he strongly believes would bring him back to power for the second consecutive term.

Jagan is not really worried about the business persons and entrepreneurial segment. He is only concerned about the large public who stand in large queues to cast their votes in the polling booths. So, Jagan is only catering to those masses. He is clearly playing it to the galleries in the last 2.5 years of his tenure and is going to continue the same with the next 2.5 years as well. Although TDP is making hue and cry over Jagan’s governance and accusing him of the vengeance politics, the moot question is whether the public is really concerned about targeting the opposition party.

Time and again it has been proved that people are largely concerned about their individual benefit and the progress of their family and addressing their near-term needs. At the end, the voters look at what are the benefits they are getting from the government directly. And these have been taken care of by the Jagan government through various schemes. This is Jagan’s confidence. He is unfazed by the criticism and disappointment in the Amaravati region as well. He feels this will only benefit him as people of other districts would believe Jagan is for inclusive development instead of limiting it to one particular region.

Coming to the caste equation which plays a dominant role in Andhra Pradesh, Jagan has a winning formula by roping in leaders from various communities into his cabinet and accommodating them. He is likely to accommodate them further in the coming cabinet reshuffle. He is of the opinion that this would work. This is likely to address the “dissatisfaction” within the party.

For the rest, Jagan would promise to take care of them in the next government. Given that Jagan is known for keeping promises made to party leaders, they are expected to adjust. On the whole, Jagan is likely to battle the anti-incumbency in the state through his own approach.

Now, the opposition TDP and Janasena need a right strategy to take on Jagan. Or else, it would be a gone case for another five years which would push them into deep troubles. It is not easy to hold the party leaders and run the party in opposition. Already, TDP leaders are facing several cases and frequent arrests. A

ll this endurance may not last for another five years if the party loses again. Pawan may return to films and may be back in his business. But for TDP it will be a do or die. For this, TDP needs a strategy at national level and state level. Let’s wait and see, what is in store in AP politics.

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