No Exams For HCU Students

The Univeristy of Hyderabad (also called Hyderabad Central University) has decided to pass all its students without holding examinations, in the wake of increasing Covid-19 cases. Accordingly, students of the final yeat under graduate and post gradute courses will be allocated grades. The decision to auto pass all the students was taken so that the plans of students to go for higher education or jobs was not affected.

Marks would be awarded basing on the performance in earlier semesters and internal exams. Out of the total marks, 50 per cent would be awarded taking the average of the previous semester exams while he remaining would be given basing on the average of the earlier internal examinations. This means students who had performed well in the earlier semesters and internal exams will stand to gain as they will get good grades.

With regard to the students having back logs, the university authorities said that a decision would be very soon.

Regarding the HCU entrance exam held in the month of May every year, the university officials said that they have decided to hold it in August, if life returns to normal and educational institutions reopen.

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