People Are Ready To Burn BJP With Petrol & Diesel: Kodali

Kodali Nani

The YCP government hardly criticised the BJP government in New Delhi. Over the high fuel prices, Andhra BJP leaders tried to attack the YCP government but they found themselves on the wrong foot. After Perni Nani another firebrand YCP minister took on the BJP and he is Kodali Nani.

“In Badvel and West Bengal by-elections, BJP did not even get a deposit. So they reduced the petrol and diesel prices nominally. BJP will automatically reduce the price by another Rs 20 after the five states Assembly elections early next year. BJP has no moral right to demand a reduction of VAT in AP and people across the country are ready to burn BJP with the same petrol and diesel,” said Kodali Nani.

“When crude oil prices were very low in 2014, petrol prices were high in India. Narendra Modi government should be credited for this huge hike in fuel prices and troubling the common man,” stated Nani.

On the taxes imposed by the AP government on fuel, Kodali clarified that after YCP came to power, we hiked the taxes on diesel by Rs 1 but blamed Chandrababu for the same. “Outing CM Chandrababu borrowed Rs 3700 crore from banks for new roads in the state. But the money was diverted to bribing people just before the 2019 elections under ‘Pasupu Kumkuma’ yet people did not believe Chandrababu,” criticised Kodali.

The YCP ministers also lashed out at Pawan Kalyan. “Who can stop the privatisation of Vizag Steel Plant? It’s the BJP government in New Delhi and how can Pawan issue an ultimatum to CM Jagan. If Pawan is sincere in his efforts, he should talk to BJP as they are partners. I still doubt Pawan is ready the script of TDP and BJP leaders,” slammed Kodali

Despite the language of Kodali, be it on the fuel prices and privatisation row, he was to the point and they are valid. Will AP BJP leaders come up with a proper explanation on high fuel prices at least now?