Arachaka Paripalana, Jr NTR Responds

Just when the Nandamuri fans were anticipating a reaction from Young Tiger Jr NTR, he posted a video on social media on the latest political development in AP that created a huge storm. “Words define our character,” said Tarak in the two and half minute video.

“Criticism in politics should be on issue based but not on personal front. I was pained by yesterday’s incident in AP Assembly. It’s in our blood and it’s our culture to respect women and the entire community. If we disrespect women personally then we are heading towards an uncivilised society and it leads to anarchic governance (Aarachaka Paripaalana),” said Tarak.

More in his words, the Nandamuri hero said, “If we pollute our traditions and mistreat women, we’re doing a grave injustice for the future generation.”

Appealing to all the politicians to end this anarchy, Tarak wished the latest controversy would settle down at the earliest. “I as a husband, father, responsible citizen of the country and a man from the Telugu land request all the politicians to work on public issues and lay a better path for the coming generation,” signed off Tarak.