Jagan’s Drama On 3 Capitals To Divert Attention, Naidu Responds

TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu has responded on AP state government’s repeal of the 3 Capitals Bill and revoking the CRDA act. Calling it as Jagan’s drama (Jagannatakam), Naidu opined that the move was to divert the public and media’s attention from the growing criticism against the government. He shared his views with TDP’s senior leaders in a closed-door meeting. Naidu reportedly said that Jagan is acting as if the 3 Capitals Bill is withdrawn. But actually the bill isn’t gone completely. He said the move of repealing the bill is only drama to deceive the people.

Not A Single Paisa Spent In 3 Regions: Naidu

“What has the YSRCP government did to these 3 regions in the last 2.5 years of its ruling. Not a single paisa was actually spent on these 3 capitals (Amaravati, Visakhapatnam and Kurnool) so far. If it is really committed to the inclusive development, what is its expenditure on developing these three cities till date,” said Naidu.

“The people of Rayalaseema have given a majority of seats to YCP in 2019 general elections. When floods have affected this region and when people are suffering, CM Jagan is busy attending the weddings and celebrations. He is not truly bothered about the people’s welfare and wellbeing,” added Naidu.

Where Is The Development In AP?

The insulting and personal comments of ministers and MLAs on women are being hated by people. To divert the attention of public, the government has decided to repeal the 3 Capitals Bill. All the development that witnessed in the truncated state of AP so far was done during TDP’s regime. He said that multi-national companies like Kia Motors and several investments for the state were all because of his efforts. There is no new development in the state since YCP came into the power, Naidu concluded.

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