To Tackle Women Sympathy, Jagan To Take More Women Into Cabinet?

CM Jagan is reportedly mulling over to include more women into his new cabinet. Buzz is that Jagan wants to put a check to Opposition leader Chandrababu Naidu who allegedly played ‘women sympathy’ card. In order to tackle this, Jagan is said to be planning to bring several female faces into the state cabinet during the next cabinet reshuffle.

Already, AP has three women ministers including three crucial portfolios – Deputy CM, Home Minister and Child Welfare. This is also a record. Now, CM Jagan wants to set a new precedent by doubling this number. As per sources, Jagan is likely to increase this number to 5 to 6 in the new cabinet. This is likely to set a new precedent in the country.

No doubt, Jagan government has doled out several welfare and beneficiaries schemes. Still, Jagan feel that it is not enough for next elections where all the Opposition parties are likely to get united to fight him. In order to tackle this, Jagan wants to impress women with his decisions and wants them to turn into his favourite.

Meanwhile, YSRCP women leaders are excited and quite upbeat about this inside news. The names of probables who may get chance in Jagan’s cabinet in women’s quota is becoming talking point. Leaders like Roja who were missed in the first term are expecting a chance in this cabinet reshuffle. This is the last chance for leaders who missed the chance earlier.

After this reshuffle, Jagan will go to general elections in 2024 with this new cabinet only without any major changes. Hence, Jagan is also picking up his team well. He wants to choose these women leaders from different communities in order to fulfill both women and caste equations.

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