Naidu’s Master Plan Against Arrests!


The recent happenings in Andhra Pradesh are pushing all levels of the TDP cadre into hesitation to speak. The arrests for spreading false news on social media posts against the government, cases filed and arrests of big leaders in the state, and other reasons are silencing the TDP leaders and TDP’s Social media workers from criticizing the YSRC government like before.

TDP Chief Chandrababu and other top level leaders are trying to motivate the local leaders and crucial party workers to hit back at the ‘vengeance’ politics, but nothing seems to be working to save the cadre from going mum. So, the party Chief made a never-before decision.

Chandrababu asked the party leaders to appoint 175 lawyers, each for a constituency in the state. The lawyers are to defend the TDP social media workers from the cases filed against them.

These 175 lawyers will be coordinating with the legal team of TDP’s head office. It has to be seen if this decision to keep the lawyers handy, would help the TDP workers to continue their aggression on social media.

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