Lockdown Fear: Lakhs Of People Left Hyderabad?

For a week or so there have been reports in the state that the Telangana government is contemplating to impose lockdown yet again as the new Covid-19 cases are reporting in huge numbers and especially in Hyderabad.

These reports brought a panic in the people of Hyderabad. From buying groceries at supermarkets to stocking up liquor, there is a mad rush at these places. Also many people are leaving Hyderabad too. We have seen visuals of huge traffic on Vijayawada highway and also the RTC buses with crowded people.

A few leading media channels are reporting that 30 Lakh people have left Hyderabad in the last seven days and they are in no mood to return to the city for the next few months. Thousands of ‘TOLET’ boards are being spotted in popular places of Hyderabad and this shows the amount of fear people are going through.

Until the KCR government decides on lockdown, this situation is not going to settle.

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