Watch: Kodali Nani’s Boothu Dhandakam

Kodali Nani

AP minister Kodali Nani finally broke the silence on the allegations of casino and poker culture in his function hall, K Convention in Gudivada during Sankranthi festival. After many days the media confronted Kodali right after the cabinet meeting concluded and in his first reaction, Kodali went bold and as usual he targeted Chandrababu and Lokesh with his boothulu.

“If the allegations of casino and poker are proved, I will quit full time politics and commit suicide here itself,” said Kodali and he denied any illegal activity at his K Convention centre for the Sankranthi festival.

Criticising Chandrababu, Kodali asked that if I’m not found guilty, what will the TDP leaders do? “Chandrababu is playing his cheap tricks on me. He sent TDP dalit leaders and women to Gudivada to disturb the normalcy. No one can dare to step into my K Convention Centre without my permission,” warned Kodali.

On the TDP’s fact finding committee, Kodali lashed out at Chandrababu. “Generally courts and governments appoint such committee. How can a political party with evil intentions have a committee as such? Chandrababu is a broker himself and he initiated prostitution under Heritage name,” Kodali said.

Well Kodali leaves no opportunity to foulmouth Chandrababu and he has done the same yet again.