‘Question Belly Dances In RFC, What’s Wrong In Gudivada Casino’

Ambati Rambabu

Finding themselves in a troublesome situation with regard to the casino controversy, one set of YCP leaders are fuming hot against minister Nani while another set of YCP leaders have begun to defend him.

YCP leader Subba Rao Gupta criticised Nani for ruining the party prospects through his misdemeanour but party spokesperson and MLA Ambati Rambabu said there was nothing wrong in organising the casino for those three days. The festival days are different from the normal days.

Why is the opposition trying to blow the casino out of proportion, he asked.

The casino and gambling were held only for three days but under the TDP rule, pubs remained open all through the year.
To ascertain his argument, he even showed a few video clippings of belly and cabaret dancing and said that they were held at events organised by TDP supporter and film producer Ramoji Rao in Ramoji Film City. Why did not the TDP leaders raise a hue and cry then but are shouting over the roof that cheer girls had performed obscene dances, he asked.

Ambati agreed that gambling was held at the Gudivada casino but reminded that many other such illegal activities like rooster fights, jallikattu and cards games are also held during Sankranti even when they too are illegal. “What is the big problem in organising the casino when many other illegal activities are being held in a secret manner during Sankranti festivities.”
People should remember that Chief Minister Jagan imposed strict ban on gambling soon after coming to power but Naidu let it happen without any restriction during his rule, he said.

“Why are the opposition leaders going hammer and tongs over the casino? Is it their immense love towards Gudivada or vengeance against Nani?”

The opposition parties tried to pin down Nani after he threw down the gauntlet and expressed readiness to quit politics and end his life if the Gudivada casino was proved correct.

However, Nani went back on his word and asked why should he resign just because the opposition parties were demanding.
Now, we have Ambati who is trying to come to the rescue of Nani.

All these arguments indicate that the YCP men try to prove that the ruling party leaders are always correct akin to the notion that “the boss is always right”, pointed out political observers.