YSRCP Internal Survey: Huge Anti Wave!

YS Jaganmohan Reddy government is going through a difficult time. The debt-laden state is facing severe criticism from all quarters. The ruling government is caught off-guard when its key leaders were allegedly involved in holding casino and encouraging gambling during Sankranthi festival in places like Gudivada.

The defence and counter-attack by YCP leaders has backfired. On the other hand, the war with the employees has turned into a major headache. While the government is confident that people would support its views on PRC and cutting down benefits to government employees, the ground reality seems to be quite opposite. YCP is now clueless over the unprecedented negative sentiment against its government.

Going into details, the YSRCP has conducted an internal survey very recently. And the results are startling. The party has asked its loyal reporters to get feedback at Tea stalls, bus and auto stands, tiffin centers and other public places. It asked its reporters to give the exact and genuine mood in the grassroots. Almost all the reporters of various mandals and districts have submitted their reports to the higher-ups. The results are startling and baffling. It is learnt that there is a huge anti wave in the public against Jagan government. The anti-incumbency has reached the pinnacle.

Meanwhile, the Opposition has gauged the situation well and upped its ante. It is leaving no stone unturned to attack Jagan government. It’s high time, the key leaders in Jagan government should wake up and take damage-control measures.

The statements and baseless defence of key leaders and ministers are doing more damage to AP government. Instead of staying silent, the YCP leaders decided to counter-attack the opposition and that is only backfiring. Let’s hope that the government would take corrective measures even after witnessing the startling survey results.