‘Babu, You’re In Your Last Days, Learn From YSR’

Minister Kodali Nani, who turned out to be one of the harshest critics of opposition leader Chandrababu, has attacked the latter on the eve of late YSR’s birth anniversary. Nani heaped praises on YSR and his charisma. Calling him people’s leader, Nani hailed YSR as the politician who came from people and stood in their hearts. On the other hand, Nani shot back at Naidu for his opportunistic politics.

“Chandrababu Naidu, you are already dead in people’s hearts. You are meagerly living with life support. You should learn from the late YSR at least in your last days. Stop doing politics on poor people’s lands. Going to courts to stall the issuing of lands to poor shows your politics,” said Kodali Nani. Nani went onto state how CM YS Jagan had been troubled with cases and put in jail for 16 months after his father’s death. He said Jagan stood like a rock and bounced back. He said CM Jagan vowed to serve people and fulfill all the wishes of people by serving the poor. Nani said the government is committed to issue lands to the poor people.

Kodali Nani’s comments on Chandrababu have not gone down well with Naidu’s followers who revere him as the High-Tech CM and creator of jobs and facilitator of IT industry. TDP leaders are fuming on Nani who himself is a former TDP leader under Naidu’s leadership and saying that such comments on Naidu are in poor taste.

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