Mudragadda Quits Kapu Agitation


To include the Kapu community in the BC category, Mudragadda Padmanabham has been agitating for years. The previous TDP government could not fulfill the promise of reservation and inclusion of Kapu community in BC and so Mudragadda had ample of hopes on YS Jagan.

Very recently Mudragadda had written to AP CM Jagan and urged him to take up the issue at the earliest. But the Jagan led YSRCP government has announced a better package in the budget compared to the previous TDP government but did not utter a word about the reservation.

Deeply upset by this, Mudragadda criticized the YCP government and this has invited flak from YCP supporters. A section of the opposition party also took up Mudragadda for not being so vocal against the ruling party in his demand.

Targeting Mudragadda on social media, many trolls have been posted. This time, Mudragadda was even more deeply hurt and this has forced him to quit this agitation and the long-pending demand.

On Monday Mudragadda penned an open letter to all Kapu community leaders and supporters informing that he is quitting the agitation. He added that maligning his image on social media is responsible for all this and he requested all leaders to take up the issue and fight it till the goal is achieved.