YS Viveka Murder: Shocking Revelations By Circle Inspector

Circle Inspector Shankaraiah, who was on duty in Pulivendula on the day of brutal murder of former MP YS Vivekananda Reddy, has made some shocking revelations in his interview to media house Andhra Jyothy. He stated that incumbent Kadapa MP YS Avinash Reddy, his father YS Bhaskar Reddy were behind the erasing of evidences at the crime scene of YS Viveka’s murder.

According to reports, then CI Shankaraiah said that the whole evidences were erased in front of YS Bhaskar Reddy and YS Avinash Reddy. He alleged that he had tried to protest and tried to raise his voice, but he was allegedly threatened to shut his mouth. Going into details, CI Shankaraiah stated that he was initially informed that Viveka had died of heart-attack. He said he was also informed that Viveka had got blood vomiting.

When Shankaraiah had reached the spot, he observed the blood stains, severe injury on Viveka’s body and head respectively besides blood marks in bathroom tiles. He said he saw YS Bhaskar Reddy, father of MP YS Avinash Reddy controlling the whole place. YS Avinash Reddy is allowed into the room couple of times. Shankaraiah said he saw health-workers from Gangireddy hospital (YS Bharathi’s father’s hospital) and YS Rajareddy hospital were trying to cover-up the injuries on YS Viveka’s body. He said bedsheets in the room were changed Shankaraiah said he had protested, however, he got threatened.

Shankaraiah said he was severely threatened by Erra Gangireddy and Devineni Shankar Reddy and others who demanded him to cover-up this as heart-attack or natural death.

Recreating the whole incident and how he got to know the news, CI Shankaraiah said, “I had got a call from YS Avinash Reddy’s PA Raghava Reddy who had told me that there is bad news. He told me that YS Vivekananda Reddy had died of cardiac arrest. He asked me to come to Viveka’s house with police protection. ”

Shankaraiah said he found MP Avinash Reddy, father YS Bhaskar Reddy’s behaviour suspicious along with others present at the crime scene. Sahankaraiah said he was ordered to project the cause of YS Viveka’s death as heart-attack for which he denied. He said he had asked his subordinates to record the whole area on camera but he admitted that police personnel were obstructed. Shankaraiah said all the wrongdoings of erasing crucial evidences took place in the presence of MP YS Avinash Reddy. With shocking statements of CI Shankaraiah, it looks like YS Avinash Reddy is getting into more trouble. More details awaited. It can be noted that CI Shankarayya was later suspended in the issue.