The Mekapati Family Show Their Noble Side!

It’s been not even close to a week that AP IT minister Goutham Reddy passed away after suffering a massive heart-stroke and the family of Mekapati is still mourning. Yet the family of Mekapati has displayed their noble side by donating assets worth Rs 225 crore to the AP state government for setting up Agriculture University after Goutham’s name.

In details, on the funeral day of Goutham Reddy, former MP Mekapati Rajamohan Reddy informed AP CM YS Jagan that he would be donating the assets owned by Mekapati Rajamohan Reddy Institute of Technology & Science (MRITS) to the government and urged CM Jagan to set up Agriculture University at the same location.

CM Jagan immediately gave a nod for Rajamohan Reddy’s request and also assured that a resolution in the AP Assembly will be made regarding the same. The upcoming budget sessions would see this resolution getting tabled.

Rajamohan Reddy told Jagan that he is voluntarily donating the assets of MRITS and in return he is not expecting anything from the state government. MRITS College is spread across 100 acres in Udayagiri and all the buildings of the engineering college estimated to be worth Rs 225 crore would also be handed over to the government.

This gesture is unparalleled and the family of Mekapati deserves a big round of applause.