Election Results: BJP 262+ in UP; AAP 89+ in Punjab

As predicted by the Exit Polls, the BJP is dominating the elections. In five states, BJP is leading in four states while Aam Aadmi Party is storming in Punjab. As of 11 AM, BJP has crossed the magic figure mark in Uttar Pradesh by leading in 262 Assembly segments while Samajwadi Party is leading in 128 seats.

But in the 2017 elections, BJP secured 322 seats and this time the saffron party is lagging behind in 60 seats. With the counting in progress, the BJP has high chances of improving their number.

In Punjab, AAP has sent shock waves to both BJP and Congress. AAP is leading in 89 places and even more shockingly the BJP is leading in just three places. Punjab CM Channi contested from two places and he is trailing in both the places.

Coming to Goa, the BJP is nearing the magic figure. Goa’s Assembly consists of 40 seats and 21 is the magic figure. Currently the BJP is leading in 19 places. Congress gave a tough fight but the votes have split because of AAP and Trinamool Congress.

In Manipur and Uttarakhand, the BJP is leading in 26 and 42 Assembly segments respectively.

Overall these results are very much encouraging for the BJP but it’s a setback for them in Punjab. AAP is the new force.