TDP Shows Evidence, Is Naidu Safe?


West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee’s comments on Pegasus software is creating ripples in Andhra Pradesh. In Bengal Assembly Mamata stated that she declined to purchase this software and added that the AP government led by Chandrababu Naidu was already having the software.

To corner TDP, YCP is indulging in anti-campaign using its media and social media handles. Denying and defending that TDP did not purchase the Pegasus software, it came up with documented evidence on this matter.

In July 2021, an activist by name Koneru Nagendra Prasad from Kurnool district applied for an RTI seeking information on AP government purchasing Pegasus software. The following month i.e, in August 2021, the deputy inspector general of police for administration and public information replied that never such purchase happened.

Earlier in the day TDP’s Nara Lokesh responded to Mamata’s comments. He refuted Mamata’s statements and she might be misinformed. He went on to add that there would be a record with the current state government if such a purchase was made and questioned what is stopping the AP government to reveal these details.

Yet TDP fell in defence while YCP has targeted its main oppositions mercilessly and on social media, the ruling party is doing an unprecedented campaign using its IT cell.

But TDP finally found documented evidence that can make YCP to shut its propaganda.