No Going Back On 3 Capitals : CM Jagan In Assembly

AP CM YS Jaganmohan Reddy has reiterated that there is no going back on the controversial 3 Capitals. Speaking in AP Assembly today, CM YS Jagan said that the government is for the inclusive development of the state and it believes that it is possible with the three capitals. The CM of AP said the state government will establish the 3 capitals despite facing all the odds. He added that the only way forward for the government is to act in the best interest of people of all regions.

Meanwhile, CM Jagan stated that the High Court of AP has crossed its limitations and acted against out of its purview. He said that the Legislature, Judiciary and Executive are the three arms of the government and each one has its own significance and borders. CM Jagan stated that The High Court in its judgement opined that the State Government cannot make new laws which is against the spirit of constitution. He said that every disciplinary of the government is independent in its own way. He said that the problems won’t arise if all the disciplinaries act within their own borders and then all of them work normally in tandem. CM Jagan said that the courts can’t declare that the Legislative Houses can’t create new laws. Meanwhile, CM Jagan maintained that he has confidence and respect on the Indian Judiciary.

Explaining further, CM Jagan stated that the people have chosen the new government only because they have not accepted the decisions of the previous government. “This is the beauty of democracy,” CM Jagan noted during his speech in the Assembly. He stated that the legislature has the full right to make new laws and if people aren’t satisfied with them they would topple the government by exercising their right to vote and decide the government.

CM Jagan stated that even the Union Government in its affidavit made it clear that the capitals are under the purview of the state government. CM Jagan claimed that the Union Government gave its consent for the three capitals of AP. CM Jagan stated that the High Court gave an unrealistic deadline for the completion of establishing of capital. He said that 6 months of time is unrealistic. “The first movement of Telangana came because of lack of development while the second movement of Telangana came due to the concentration of the development at one place.

The CM of AP reiterated that the 3 Capitals would benefit all the regions of the state. He also cited the Siva Ramakrishnan Committee report which vouched for the inclusive development of the state. CM Jagan stated that his government has passed the resolution of 3 Capitals under the Inclusive Development of state considering the Siva Ramakrishnan Report.