#ByeByeJagan Trending; What’s Up?

On Thursday evening the hashtag #ByeByeJagan popped up on social media and over the next few hours, the hashtag reached the top spot and now over 33,000 tweets and memes have surfaced on social media.

But why did this hashtag emerge suddenly? Apparently AP is witnessing unprecedented electricity interruptions and due to short supply, the state government has announced a power holiday for the industries. On the other hand recently the state government hiked the electricity charges and this caused a huge outrage from the public.

People are recollecting Jagan’s words of announcing free electricity up to 200 units when he was in the opposition and now the promise has been overlooked. Also the netizens pointed out a few more promises such as 2.3 Lakh government jobs, Special Status and CPS for government employees.

During his Paadayatra, Jagan gave a word to resolve the CPS issue within a week after forming government. But the YCP government is delaying its decision on CPS, leaving the employees in misery.

A few memes on power outage read that Jagan doesn’t like Pawan Kalyan and so the former is disconnecting the power because Pawan’s on screen prefix is ‘POWER’star. ‘No one else would have destroyed AP better than him,’ read another meme.

TDP supporters also joined the chorus and they added that along with the 24 ministers, CM Jagan should also have tendered his resignation and called for elections.

Undeniably AP is observing serious concerns that needed immediate action. The YCP led state government turned blind eye and is working on a new cabinet.