Watch: Jagan Laughs Uncontrollably When MLA Imitates Naidu

Chief Minsiter Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy is known for his enmity with Opposition leader and TDP boss N. Chandrababu Naidu.

In a recent video, we can see Jagan laughing heartfully when Pendurthi MLA Adeep Raju tries to mimic Naidu’s voice at a public meeting. Raju tries to explain how the TDP president would have reacted during the Covid-19 pandemic situation, if he was the CM.

The MLA says, “Maa Dwcra akka chellemmalu… Manam andaram kuda aalochana cheyyali. Corona valla manam andaram kashta padutunnam tammullu. ..Tammullu, ee Corona samayam lo kotha padhakam testunnam tammullu. Corona meeda katthi yatra”… He would scrap all schemes showing the pandemic as the cause, the MLA said, to which Jagan reacted in a very cheerful way.

Usually, it is very hard to find the CM in a joyful or happy mood. Jagan never expresses his feelings in the public but when it comes to criticizing Naidu, he cannot stop himself from hiding his happiness.

“Sir, I would tell just one example. From 2019, the YCP government had been implementing Vahana Mitra scheme for auto drivers. As part of the scheme, the auto drivers were given Rs 10,000 per annum in October that year.

During Corona time, I asked several auto drivers if they had requested the government to release the Vahana Mitra funds early. They told me that none of them had asked for it but that Jagan Mohan Reddy himself had known about their problems and released the fund 3 months ahead of the schedule, the next year.

“Where can we get such a good CM who thinks of others hardships and is humane? I am very happy to tell you that around 2 lakh people in my constituency were provided permanent shelter under Pedalandariki Illu”.

It is evident that Jagan also enjoys being praised and lauded for his sympathy and benevolence but the opposition parties question if Jagan is distributing money from his pocket.