Even World Bank Can’t Save AP: RRR

Raghu Rama Raju

YCP rebel and Narasapuram MP K. Raghu Ramakrishna Raju faulted his party boss and Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy for making statements that he is repaying the debts made by the previous government.

“Will there be any such thing like previous government and present government? After all, who are you? You are only a custodian. Government is always permanent and perennial. You are sitting in the CM chair now. Earlier, there was someone else occupying it but the government and system will always be the same. Whom are we deceiving by making such statements? Are you repaying from your pocket,” he asked.

The next CM will understand how tough it is to repay the debts made during your tenure. “Even the funds in World Bank would not suffice to repay the debts existing now,” RRR said.

In fact, every government should aim at being a good paymaster paying the employees’ salaries and contractors’ bills on time and then alone, that government can demand for pending bills from others. “But, our government does not pay anybody. If someone does not pay to the government, it will keep torturing them.”

Neglect basic duties

RRR took a swipe at the YCP government for neglecting governance, which is the basic duty of the government, but doing everything else. “For some time, the government called the cinema people and then set up fish and mutton shops.”

The government should ensure that essentials are available at affordable prices for the public. It should also see if all essentials are being supplied to the poor at the ration shops. These days, only rice is being given on subsidy. There is no dal or sugar being distributed to the poor like during the previous government rule, he pointed out.

During festivals, former CM Chandrababu Naidu used to distribute some gifts to the poor. Now, there is no such thing, except claiming that the government has released some funds for the Muslim or Christian community, as part of Navaratnalu.

Only ads

While releasing the funds, huge ads are given on the same in CM’s own newspaper, Sakshi, he reminded. Even the opposition parties are believing that the government had spent something on the welfare when the authorities are time and again claiming that they have spent on it, RRR said.

The MP said that both development and welfare are much less under the YCP rule compared to the previous government’s rule. The percentage of funds used for welfare of the people is also less than that spent by the previous government. The biggest puzzle which the public is failing to understand is where is all the money collected through taxes going, he said.

Regulate prices

The government should regulate the prices of essentials and also pay the salaries on 1st of every month. If not, couples will keep fighting and wife will stop giving respect to the husband, which means the government is responsible for marital discord too, he pointed out.

He advised Jagan to look into matters that were the primary responsibility of the government and stop focusing on unnecessary issues.