Why Govt Silent on Online Classes – Pawan Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan, who talked about several burning problems faced by people, responded on the education and the problems faced by students in the pandemic times. Stating that this academic year may go waste, Pawan questioned why the state government is silent on the situation and quandary surrounding the education system.

He questioned that there is no provision for online classes in government schools and the government isn’t addressing how it is going to tackle the issue. He said that already the last two months of the academic year have gone waste and students of government schools are worried over their education and career.

Pawan said even private schools that are offering online classes are turning out to be a problem for students as many are complaining of problems like eyes burning and other side effects and health issues.

Pawan said he knows the pain and the depth of the problem as he himself is facing the problem as the father of children who are going to school. Pawan said surprisingly there is no clarity on any official statement on the government on the education system.

He said the government hasn’t done enough for education. Pawan, however, said this is an unprecedented situation. He said the government should come up with an action plan on how it is going to address the problems pertaining to the education system.

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