Rs 2500 Crore For CM Chair?

While temperatures are soaring in Telangana, the political heat is touching the sky. The other day BJP National President JP Nadda toured Telangana and on Friday, it was Congress leader Rahul Gandhi.

The ruling TRS party is countering every criticism and Working President KTR is leading from the front. In reaction to Nadda’s comments on TRS government that it is the most corrupt sarkar in the country, KTR reacted strongly.

Dragging Karnataka state government’s affairs led by BJP, KTR raked up the controversies of commission. KTR also mentioned about a BJP MLA who was approached by the same party leaders from Delhi for CM post but the Karnataka MLA was asked to pay a whopping Rs 2500 crore for CM chair.

Also KTR pointed about the ‘Commission’ controversies involving contractors and mutts. “Kuch Kehna Hain? ED, IT, CBI Ke liye Koi Adesh? (Do you want to say anything? Summon ED, IT, CBI)” read the tweet of KTR.

The TRS leader also took pot-shots at Rahul Gandhi’s visit. “Political tourists come and go but only KCR remains in Telangana,” added KTR.

Overall the TRS party is not like before and it is very aggressive and is reacting to every allegation with strong reply.