AP CM To Davos… Will He Succeed?

AP CM YS Jagan will be flying to Davos this month to take part in the World Economic Forum (WEF). The WEF annual meeting is scheduled from May 22nd to 26th and it’s a great opportunity for CM Jagan to attract investors and get investments to the state.

In the past, ex-CM Chandrababu attended the WEF a couple of times and met many investors including Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Several MoUs were signed between the previous AP government and investors back then but no one has any clue about the investments so far.

After the YCP formed a government in AP, investments dried up in the state. This has led to criticism that the YCP government is really not focusing on development and amidst such criticism, CM Jagan has a golden opportunity before him with Davos visit in the pipeline.

Late Goutham Reddy who was IT and industries minister, had been to Dubai for investments. But with his sudden demise, no details about the actual Dubai tour have come out. Now, with the CM’s tour of Davos confirmed, new hopes have sprung up for the state.

Though CM Jagan continuously reiterated that his government is investor friendly, his statements did not translate accordingly. Adding to fuel to the fire, the oppositions in AP are targeting the YCP government on law & order and alleged that the ruling party disturbed the atmosphere in the state.

It is against this backdrop that CM Jagan is going to take part in WEF and he has a big task to convince the investors. Political observers and analysts say that CM Jagan should be watchful and how he handles himself in WEF, will play a significant role.

More than 2,200 delegates from around the world are expected to attend the WEF. The talks will focus on 18 sectors including education, medicine, manufacturing, logistics, financial services, renewable energy, technology, consumer durables and FMCC. It remains to be seen how many of these the AP government will manage to receive. Will CM Jagan succeed?