Reason Behind TRS Sudden Love For NTR!

The other day on the eve of NTR’s birth anniversary, TRS ministers, MPs and leaders reached NTR ghats and paid rich tributes to the Telugu stalwart. From Malla Reddy to Nama, many TRS leaders were seen here and during the media interaction, they claimed that they are huge fans of NTR and have a long association with him when in TDP.

This act of the TRS leaders surprised the political pandits and they wondered why this sudden love erupted in TRS party or was it leaders who were earlier associated with the Telugu Desam? Well the inside talk is that TRS is eyeing the Kamma community (NTR represents the same community).

Though the TRS leaders who paid homage to NTR, covered up that they still respect NTR and have high regard for him, the debate is whether TRS leadership allowed its leaders. Apparently TRS leadership is said to be behind this whole episode and this is in order to take political advantage.

From the separate Telangana movement, TRS highly targeted the TDP and from 2014 to till date, many TDP leaders queued up in TRS. Now Telugu Desam is almost dead in Telangana with no prominent leaders or faces to carry forward the party. Eyeing an opportunity here, TRS is said to be wooing the Kamma community which has a significant vote bank in Rangareddy and Hyderabad districts. Thereby the TRS wants to continue the political legacy of NTR and KCR who has ambitions to rule the national politics. If the Kamma community is made to believe this, there are high chances of KCR gaining a soft corner that would help him politically.

Will TRS attempts succeed? There are high chances because in the 2020 GHMC elections, TRS was rescued by the Andhra voters while Hyderabad locals have preferred the BJP.