Jagan’s Unique Idea For Plasma Donors

The donation of plasma is being treated as vital for Covid-19 infected patients. Many states in the country are setting up plasma banks and are urging people to donate blood, so that the medical experts can extract plasma from it and use it for future purposes.

In Telangana, the state government too is asking the recovered corona patients to come forward in donating plasma. A campaign is also being run to encourage people. But the AP government has come up with a unique idea to pay for those who donate plasma.

On Friday AP CM YS Jagan held a review meeting about the Covid-19 situation in the state along with minister Aalla Nani and health officials. In this meeting, Jagan has brought this idea and this way, more and more people would certainly come to donate plasma. Accordingly a sum of Rs 5000 is fixed per person who donates plasma.

Earlier the Jagan government initiated a scheme to pay for the funeral of Covid-19 deceased and now this. But these schemes should be made applicable only in government hospitals, if not there are high chances of getting diverted.

Hopefully this strategy of Jagan works and cured people flock in to donate plasma.

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