Modi In Hyd: Prakash Raj On Full Swing!

Actor Prakash Raj has been waging a political war against BJP and Narendra Modi. He never minces his words against the Saffron party. Prakash Raj was at it again. He has unleashed an all-round attack against Modi coinciding with PM’s landing in Hyderabad for the party’s national executive meeting.

Sharing a tweet of TRS social media convenor in which KCR was seen questioning Modi on falling rupee, Prakash Raj wrote, “Supreme leader .. will you answer this tomorrow in Hyderabad.. Or will you just repeat your #jhumla n leave #justasking.”

In another tweet, replying to Prashant Bhushan’s tweet, Prakash Raj wrote, “Spreading Lies and denying the Facts is #BJP_Vendetta_Exposed s Agenda … will we Citizens wake up to this truth… #justasking.”

Meanwhile, Prakash Raj is all praise for Hyderabad and CM KCR’s governance. Prakash Raj welcomed Modi to Hyderabad and tweeted, “Dear supreme leader.. welcome to the states ruled by BJP payers money is spent in crores to lay roads for your highness visit.. but here it is spent for us Citizens…enjoy the ride n hope you will learn how to deliver infrastructure with a vision #justasking.”

With a series of tweets cornering Modi and BJP, Prakash Raj intensified his fight at the right time. On the other hand, he has once again shown his love for KCR. Amidst reports that Prakash Raj would be nominated to Rajya Sabha from TRS, his latest tweets are adding up to the speculations.