‘Vacate The Throne, People Are Coming’

Actor-politician and Jana Sena party chief Pawan Kalyan is in Vijayawada, speaking to the public as part of its Jana Vani, Jana Sena Bharosa.

Speaking at the two-day event, Pawan Kalyan lashed out at YS Jagan and his party for their wrongdoings.

“YSRCP is doing rowdyism in the name of politics and it has become a matter of concern as its party is filled with goons. I will try my best to help the people of Andhra Pradesh, especially the poor,” he said on Monday. He said he’s come to inject courage among people to fight against YSRCP, known for its corrupted leadership. Pawan also warned YSRCP that he would take all necessary actions against the party if they spoke any rubbish about Jana Sena.

He said he is ready to give himself all for the welfare of the public and warned YSRCP and Jagan, “I would rip your skin off if you try to do injustice to the poor.”

He said Jagan is doing exactly the same thing that he predicted during the elections. “Economy growth has gone for a toss because of YSRCP. Under the name of industrialisation, he occupied all commercial lands, blasting rocks and syphoning funds. It’s high time people dethrone Jagan and his party people from all positions as they have only been doing wrong things ever since they came into power,” asserted Pawan, while also promising to help outsourcing job holders and fulfil all the promises made to them.

He even lashed out at YSRCP volunteers, saying those guys have turned into a big mafia and are threatening the public in all possible ways.

“We will teach responsibility to YSRCP and I will take full responsibility to control rowdyism in politics,” he said while questioning the government for terming Jana Sena as Kauravas. “We neither have cement factories, lakhs and crores of revenue nor have we won and entered the Assembly. Then are we being compared to the Kauravas? It’s the YSRCP that all the qualities that Kauravas have,” he said.

Meanwhile, the statement ‘Vacate the throne, people are coming’ by famous poet Ramdhari Singh Dinakar against the YSRCP has been doing the rounds on social media in large numbers since Sunday.